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Preparing for a Fishing Outing with Your PFD - Maintenance Checklist

If you use an inflatable life jacket, you’re likely aware that there’s more to your preparation than simply throwing it in your boat. Follow the guide below to ensure your inflatable life jacket is ready for action. The importance of maintaining your inflatable life jacket is just as important as wearing one for each outing.

Maintenance checklist


Preparation Activity

1. Remove the CO2 cartridge and yellow bobbin before performing maintenance.

2. Visually inspect your device for abrasions, rips, tears, or punctures. Devices with fabric that have faded, torn, or deteriorated should be replaced.
3. Inspect the yellow bobbin. The white, water-soluble substance should be intact with no signs of cracks or breaks. Newer bobbins are also marked with an expiration date. If it’s expired it should be replaced.
4. Inspect the CO2 cartridge for holes or piercings on the head of the cylinder. Similarly, check for signs of corrosion like rust. Replace the cartridge if either is found.
5. Repackage and re-arm your inflatable life jacket based on the instructions provided in the owner's manual.

Questions to Consider

1. Have I checked the status of the inflator and made sure that the CO2 cylinder is not punctured? Check both before each outing.
2. Have I checked my inflatable life jacket for leaks in the last two months?
3. Do I have the right life jacket for this activity?
4. How does my life jacket work in the water? Have I tested it this season?
5. Do I have the right size life jacket for each person (according to the label), and do they fit snugly?
6. Have I checked my other inflatable life jackets in the same manner in which I checked my own?

Is it time to replace the CO2 cylinder? Learn how to rearm your inflatable life jacket.

Download Maintenance Checklist